Sunday, 27 November 2016

Warm and Cozy- Summer Love

Have you ever seen a couple that looks perfectly cute together? These absolutely lovely and dreamy photos from our summer couple will definitely leave you breathless!

Similar in Korean dramas where doctors marry each other. Wendy and Gary are both great looking doctors who loves to travel, chill out in cafes and watch movies. I've known Wendy in one of my husband's friend wedding where we were both beautiful bridesmaids. This bubbly and gorgeous bride,decided to have a vintage inspired pre-wedding theme with her sweet husband at a village in Batu Pahat. 

Nothing beats the sweetness of a fairytale story especially if you get to live it for your engagement photography. Sounds nice? Let me give you a glimpse of their picture perfect Korean drama setting taken by Rayson Lo from Monokara Bridal (Sanren Studio).  

This couple really takes an awesomely romantic and charming photos together. I really feel like I’m looking at a new k-drama series. 

I can't help myself but to get awed at their sweet poses!

Pre-Wedding Shoot Details:

Groom: Gary Chia
Bride: Wendy Ter
Photographer: Rayson Lo (Monokara Bridal/Sanren Studio)
Hair and Make up: Ah Yii (Monokara Bridal/Sanren Studio)
Wedding Gowns: (Monokara Bridal/Sanren Studio)
Location: Monokara Bridal (Sanren Studio)
Batu Bahat, Malaysia