Sunday, 3 August 2014

La Belle Fête Weddings & Events- Planner and Coordination

When it comes to planning a wedding, no bride wants to run up additional expenses, but what if the single add-on of a wedding planner could point you in the right direction for everything from florists to photographers? A wedding planner could just be the best thing you spend money on!

Creating thematic experiences to allow every couple’s identity and story come alive, La belle Fete makes your special day elegant, captivating and enjoyable.

Many people think that only busy people hire a wedding planner. Little do they know that a wedding planner makes everything lighter and more enjoyable. La Belle Fête Weddings & Events’ cup of tea is elegance and creativity. When these two things are mixed together, a superb concoction will surface. While ALL engaged couples have the ability to plan their weddings, not everyone is familiar with all the challenges and stress that go hand in hand with the whole wedding planning process merely because most if not all only get married only once. – La belle Fete Website

Wedding etiquette is also an important facet of the whole engagement period. Friends and family may offer you advice – often unsolicited. When opinions come flying at your directions, knowing the do’s and don’ts will really matter. Hence, you need an expert to handle these tough situations. As you go about planning the wedding of your dreams, you’ll have thousands of choices to ponder, decisions to make and plenty of questions to ask. And this is where a help of a professional enters the picture. – La belle Fete Website

Meet the lovely team of La Belle Fete Weddings.

Suppliers Profile:

La Belle Fête Weddings & Events is the brainchild of Ycoy Sitchon whose passion for weddings stemmed from her desire to give every couple a stress-free journey to wedded bliss. Her mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do it with so much passion, compassion, class and style! As a very passionate wedding planner, she ensures every client meticulous planning, impeccable execution and highest quality of service in order to give them their dream wedding. Indeed, a promise of happy ever after.

Due to this burning passion and the desire to do better, she has conceptualized different packages for all events. In her efforts to make every event unique and one of a kind, she continues to polish her craft and to respond to the needs of every client. She has come up with different packages from weddings, birthdays (for all ages), debuts, baptisms, showers, etc. She continues to expand her orb in order to cater to the different and changing needs of her clientele.

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