Sunday, 27 July 2014

A Classic Red Elegance

A simple and intimate traditional Chinese Wedding is just captivating! With a great photographer to capture your precious moments , awesome friends and family, and with the sweetest love one promising you a lifetime happiness. 

Witness below our couple's ever-after celebration at Harbour Plaza Hotel, Hongkong photograph by Carwei Angeles.

Supplier's Profile:

Carwei Angeles | Photography

Carwei Angeles is a Businessman and an Industrial Engineer by profession. His appreciation & interest in photography started way back  during the film days.   He was not able to practice the craft back then due to unforeseen reason but  when  the digital age of photography flourished. 
He quickly jump into the bandwagon and never looked back. He is  self-taught and continuously  searching for ways to improve and excel at his craft.  His inspiration comes from his love for different genres of music and arts. 

Mobile number: 0922-8566665
Landline: 215-0654