Thursday, 8 May 2014

DIY Bridal Bouquet

    DIY Wedding bouquet is really fun and exciting thing to do especially if you are making it for your big day. For destination wedding, I normally opt for silk flowers instead of the fresh ones, besides from being cheap, it's customizable and easy to carry in your luggage bag. These beautiful silk bridal bouquets will brighten up your wedding day, and offer a long-lasting keepsake.

Silk flowers can be found on these shops - Papermarket, Daiso, Fairprice and Spotlight Singapore. If you are located overseas, you can search for flower shops online that sells lovely silk and paper flowers. 

Entourage with my DIY Silk flower Bouquets 

Materials: Silk Flowers, Silk Leaves, Lace and Silk Ribbons, Glue Gun, Flower Tape, Beads, Pearls and sequin ribbon for design. 

1. First look for a flower that you would like to have on your bouquet. The flower colors must match your theme. Mine is pastel theme so I looked for purple, pink, peach and white flowers. 

2. Try to arrange all the flowers together and remove some excess leaves. 

3. Once you have achieve the right color combination and satisfied with the arrangement, trim off excess leaves and tape (floral tape) all the flowers together. Then, wrap it again with your favorite silk ribbon. Use glue gun to secure the edge.

4. If your bouquet lacks green leaves, add on the small silk leaves on top of the flowers using glue gun. Small silk leaves can be bought at Popular bookstore at S$3.00 or less. 

5. Decorate your Bouquet. Glue in some feathers (any color of your choice) to make it look dreamy. Add in some pearls and crystals on top of your flowers too. 

6. Last but not the least, to add sophistication on your bridal bouquet, wrap around a sequin ribbon and some accessories on your bouquet handle. 

And Finally, here it is. Your DIY Bridal Bouquet with the entourage bouquets.