Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Traditional Beauty

While most of the brides are aiming for a fairytale kind of theme for their wedding, this bride kept her theme simple and unique. A touch of tradition and elegance completes the entire FilipiÇıana style pre-wedding pictorial.

Erica was my high school classmate in RMHS under a Special Science Class. And just like me, she had some artistic skills and loves to draw or doodle on paper. You may not believe this, but Erica made use of her talent to save a lot of money by designing all her gowns. She wanted to keep it elegant but still portray a simple, nice and traditional Filipina bride.  

Take a glance on her beautifully designed gowns and lovely pre-wedding photos. 


Pre-wedding Details:

Groom: Roji Paramio
Bride: Erica Consebido
Photographer: Fonts and Graphs by Marianne Omblero-Sy
Hair and make-up: Marfo, Davao City