Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sunshine Couple

A Summer themed wedding filled with happiness and love!!! Get mesmerized by the lovely bride and her handsome prince as we take a look on their vibrant and sun-kissed shade photos taken by Osep and Mimi (Project Happiness).  A classic, yet exciting and fun-filled celebration perfectly suits this college sweethearts. 

A cute couple with a bright and sunny wedding is just perfect for my lovely blog. 

 Wedding Supplers:

Groom: Jan Renz Baniquett
Bride: Eilyne Joy Bulusan
Hair and Make up: Rae Venturanza-Salazar
Wedding Gown: Emil Ocampo
Video: VJ Matias (Rockin' Photographers)
Photo: Osep and Mimi Photography (Project Happiness)
Venue: Greenmeadows Clubhouse
Hotel: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel