Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Brilliant Elegance by ORRO

Brace yourselves ladies! This is really an eye candy post, so hold tight, relax and breathe normally while reading this. You might end up crying, laughing and even get inspired by these brilliant engagement rings.

Shine bright with these diamonds which is fantastically made and polished grown diamonds by ORRO. A custom made design in 18k white gold/rose gold/yellow gold and platinum that will surely fit your desire and budget. 

Scroll down to see their flawless cuts!

You might be drooling now on these photos!!! 
Their designs and cuts are really perfect and of course it won't cost you a bomb. I can say that they have the cheapest customized engagement ring in Singapore.

Based on ORRO’s website, “When you buy a diamond there are four points that you should always consider, collectively better known as the Four C’s. Similarly, at ORRO our stones are scientifically grown using state-of-the-art and proprietary science before being hand cut & hand polished in line with stringent global grading benchmarks used in the genuine diamond industry. Each and every facet follows a mathematical formula and is placed at precise angles in relation to each other - the result is what many consider the world’s best diamond simulants. After all, every one of our very own master stone cutters has over fifteen years of experience cutting and faceting naturally mined diamonds.”

These are the 4 things that you need to consider in buying a diamond ring. 

Refers to the precise symmetry and proportions of the stone, which is what gives the rock its sparkle and brilliance. There are many diamond shapes to choose from, with the round brilliant cut being the most common.

The world’s most desirable diamonds are colorless. The best color is D, which is almost clear white. The color scale descents from down through the alphabetical order all the way to Z – moving further away from colorless towards yellow or brown tints.

Diamonds have small imperfections embedded within them known as inclusions. The fewer the inclusions, the more valuable the stone is.

CARAT Weight
This is the size of the stone. The word carat comes from the carob seeds that were used to balance scales during ancient times.

A heart shape cut is just nice for a sweet and lovely engagement ring. A unique design that fits your sweet personality. 

All these rings are perfect for any occasion: engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, a pleasant surprise or just to pamper yourself!

If you want to check out more of their designs personally , visit their show room at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza.

Partner's Profile:

One of the popular and reliable online store, ORRO provides a high quality cut and designs. ORRO jewelry is designed and crafted by a team of talented master jewelers, setters and polishers who are committed to producing jewelry of the highest and finest quality. Their expertise rivals the world’s most experience craftsmen and reflects the highest quality demanded in the fine diamond industry.
ORRO embodies elegance, timelessness and practical wearability.

Address: ORRO Singapore Showroom,9 Scotts Road,Pacific Plaza #02-09 
Contact number: 67374266 Fax: 67374822