Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Paper Roses For Boutonnières

I am very excited to share you this secret.... Did you know that all my wedding flowers are DIY? From my bouquet, boutonnières and bridesmaids flower crown. It took me 2 months to finish and conceptualize the designs and colors. I made a bunch of changes and used different papers to perfect it. It was never easy but worth it!  

This DIY boutonnière tutorial will help cut cost on your wedding expenses. The Groom will really appreciate your love and efforts on making this boutonnière. 

Let's start on gathering all the materials.


1. Paper  (crepe, japanese paper, scrapbook paper, transparent felt paper)
   Cost: S$2.00-S$3.00
2. Ready Made paper leaves (buy from popular bookstore, they have the cheapest and           most number of leaves - 20pieces)
   Cost: S$2.00- S$4.00
3. Crystals or Fresh Water Pearls or precious stones with holes (this will add sophistication     on your boutonnières)
    Cost: S$2.00-S$4.00 depending on the type of stone
4. Glue Gun (Buy from Daiso)
    Cost S$2.00 
5. Feathers or Embellishments to add color and whimsical effect on the design. 
    (Buy from Paper Market, Spotlight, Popular)
     S$2.00- S$5.00

* First create the design that you want. Don't glue them yet. Put the materials together so you can visualize what design suits your theme.

* Now lets start on making the paper roses by using this type of paper. You can buy a ready cut paper at Popular bookstore for $2.00 only. 

* Lets do the fold. Make a v-shape with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, tuck thumb behind paper and fingers on top at 45 degrees.

* With your right hand, fold your fingers away from you to create a loose fold in the paper. With your left hand, twist your left hand to wrap the folded paper around the rose and pinch the new fold with your thumb and forefinger.

 * As you get more practiced, you will be able to complete both actions simultaneously.

* Repeat the same action along the entire length of the strip of paper.

* After you finish the fold, you can take a wire and twist it at the bottom of your rose bud. Or use the leaves wire that you bought and twist it at the bottom of your rose bud to secure the shape. 

* You can put 3 roses together to form a bouquet and add the crystals, leaves, Feathers and Embellishments. Using a glue gun you can secure the bottom of the roses and leaves.

* Your DIY boutonnière is now finished. 

My Husband wearing my DIY Boutonnière
See some videos below on how to create a DIY paper roses.