Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bright and Fun

Bright and Fun!!! This is how I described my friend’s traditional Chinese Wedding. 

Couples ROM - Karen Vhea Photography

A Chinese wedding will not be complete without its door games tradition. This is a fun and light hearted Chinese wedding tradition for those who have never witnessed it. It was my first ever Chinese wedding and I’m so happy to become one of the bridesmaids. It’s really FUN!!!

Can you spot me in the picture? I think I have the smallest face amongst the rest.

The groom will normally arrive with the bride’s bouquet and his male entourage also known as Hing Dai’s at the bride’s hotel. The bride will wait in her room as all her bridesmaids and female friends also known as Tze Mui’s begin their Door Games.  

It was really fun when we try to bully all male entourage. They need to try alot of things to win the bride's heart. 

The reason behind the games is so to prove that the Tze-Mui’s are not prepared to let their good friend go so easily and to also show the grooms love for his bride! 

It is a traditional culture for Chinese that the father needs to hold a red umbrella to usher the bride while the mother will throw rice and coloured beans. Red umbrella means  "raise the bark, spread the leaves". Rice is the symbol of fruitfulness and prosperity.

Wedding Suppliers:

Groom: Henry Kok
Bride: Jessica Wong Weiling
Hotel : Royal Bintang at Mutiara Damansara
Photographer:Al Photography Production team
Costumes and Make Up:Victoria Wedding Gallery
Make up Artist : Ms. Penken