Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wedding Dinner Design

These are the following choices I made for the reception. 

Table Shape:  All are round including couples table.

Meaning of Round Table

Roundedness has a number of cultural meaning for the chinese. Firstly, it can symbolize "reunion" as exhibited by the chinese word "tuanyuan 团圆" (literally 'united and rounded'). Secondly, it can symbolize "success" as exhibited by the chinese word "Yuanman 圆满" (literally "Rounded and Complete"). As unity and success are somehow tied to 'roundedness', it's not surprising that chinese eating tables are also rounded in shape to symbolize such meaning in chinese eating culture, esp. in social/friends/family gatherings. 

Table arrangement, light and Flowers

I prefer pink and pastel colors. This table set up is enchanted, princess like and elegant set up. Suitable for Chinese Spring themed wedding.

Stage Design

For Chinese Spring or Enchanted theme, a set of hanging lanterns is a good design. Color hues should be including Red, Pink, Yellow. For more playful colors, green and blue lanterns can be added.